Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Family: one of God's greatest gifts

This weekend has been a wonderful weekend mostly because of the time Holly and I have had with our families. Holly's whole family came in Friday through Monday and traded places with my family who came in Monday and are staying through Thursday. What a blessing it is to see and have fun with familiar faces.

As I reflect on times with family, it reminds me how the years go by so quickly. It's hard to imagine that I will never live at home in Dallas in my house again. Life goes on and things change for the better most of the time. It seems that in my race to grow up (that probably began as I sat listening to the adults during lunches after church rather than coloring with the kids at the other end of the table) my early years passed so quickly. The memories are ingrained in my head and will remain there tempting me to want to go back to what was, but I know that great memories are still to be made. Good times are ahead and that is worth looking forward to.

Mom, dad, Greg, Cathy, Clark, Heather, Morgan, PJ, thanks for all of the memories and Holly and I look forward to the many things that are ahead. The future is bright and full of great experiences so let us trek on together and not apart for our memories are most special when we are all together. And let us not forget that we strive forward for a time when we will be together with those of us who have already passed on. Let us not forget this.

God thank you for families that have passed on faith to us. May we be faithful to tell your stories to generations in the future. This is exciting and scary. Help us, O God. We love you and thank you for putting us in families that have loved us. And remind me to sit with the kids and forget about the adult table at times. Amen!

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