Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Introducing Addison Grace Packer!

 [Note: I'm embarrassed it's taken me so long to get this up. But I have a great excuse. I was just waiting on her 1 month old pictures so you could compare :)]

Our daughter, Addison Grace Packer, was born Tuesday, May 31. She was 7lbs and 20 1/2 inches long. I'm glad to share that Holly and Addison are doing great.

Holly and I were so grateful to share this special moment with both of our families that were able to be here for her birth. Their support means so much even though we live far away from them.

I wondered how I would ever have as much love for my second child as I've had for Maddox. But as people promised me, Addison has opened up another level of love that I didn't know was present within me. I love playing baseball and wrestling with Maddox, but I can already tell I will have a different kind of love for Addison. It's a love that draws out my protective nature from those pesky boys. It's a love that has me wrapped around her little fingers. Holly and I look forward to this journey with our baby girl.

So far, she's sleeping well and gaining her weight back. Maddox is responding with an expected amount of jealousy. It is a transition for him as it has been for all of the firstborns who have ever had siblings. But, it is so special to see Maddox gently take care of Addison. He's going to be a great older brother and he's already fitting in his role so well!

So, now we're a family a four! Holly and I have children, which is so strange to say. We're so grateful to God for his precious miracle that he has added to our family.

And as we've prayed from the time before Maddox was born, we long for the day when Maddox and Addison will confess Jesus as their Lord. I can't wait to see the kingdom dreams they will bless the church and the world with.

Lord, receive Holly and me as disciples of yours. May we lead our children in the way of Jesus. May our words and our actions always lead them toward a clearer vision of the world as you intended it to be. Where we hold them back from your kingdom adventure, challenge us to let go. When our fears of what will happen to their bodies keep us from unleashing them as your missionaries to the world, help us to close our mouths and watch with excitement. Give Addison a love for welcoming heaven to earth. May she have Sunday eyes for the world and may her hands and feet follow the dreams you will give her!