Thursday, July 07, 2005

Aftermath of a tragedy

The sermon seems to have gone well. It was great to have my parents in and to hear so many encouraging comments afterwards. I cannot see myself doing anything other than preaching. God has put a passion for preaching his word in my bones that cannot be shut up. It's strange to already be finished with the highlight of the summer already.

As I awoke this morning to the news of a bombing in New York I thought, what would Paul write to the church in London after today's events? What does the wisdom of the cross say to the victims of senseless violence? The wisdom of the world would be resolute in its assurance that those who brought this destruction would receive due punishment for their actions. As many were outraged after 9/11 and wanted to bring war on the terrorists, so many today would like to pay these people back.

But, I think it is good to ask the question, "What does the wisdom of the cross tell us to in this situation?" I haven't fully concluded where I am on the subject to war. I lean towards pacifism, but I'm not sure yet. But as I think through the lens of the cross, I can only think Jesus would have prayed for these people and not fought back. What do we do when faced with such a situation? How do we respond to people with such hate and animosity? The answer surely cannot be to fight hate with hate. Is there such a thing as a just war? Is self-defense even justified by Jesus? What is the answer?

God grant us peace in this world of violence. Grant peace to the families of the victims and guide us in the wisdom of the cross.

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