Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ACU Summit 2012

In just under a week, I will be a theme lecturer at Abilene Christian University's Summit (previously known as the ACU Lectureship). I'm grateful to Brady Bryce for the invitation to speak. It is one of the greatest honors I have received.

ACU is a special place for me. Just 10 years ago, I wandered into Moody Coliseum as a freshman. So many things have changed in the last decade. I am a better man as a result of my time at ACU. I received my calling to ministry there. But most importantly, I married Holly after our sophomore year. ACU is a place full of memories for my family (I'm a 4th generation student) and our marriage. Some of our best friends are people we met in Abilene.

I spent 6 years at ACU working on my undergraduate and Master of Divinity degrees in Abilene. Coming from big cities, Holly and I were certainly ready to move on after those 6 years, but those were special years. And the week-long trek to Abilene each fall is a spiritual retreat that I depend on.

This year's theme is "Intimacy: Return to God" from the book of Hosea. My theme lecture is Monday morning at 11AM (CST) in Moody Coliseum. I'm honored to share the stage this year with Mitch Wilburn, Chris Goldman, Jeff Christian, Jerry Taylor, Don McLaughlin, and Walter Brueggemann. I am preaching from Hosea 2, a graphic text about the relationship between God and Israel. The word "whore" will be said more times during my sermon than it has probably been said in the over 100 years that ACU has been in existence, but it's what the text demands.

This morning I've just typed the last words to the sermon. This sermon has been gestating for 6 months The Spirit has spoken and I pray God will bless all who listen in Moody and around the world on the internet. If you're at Summit, I'd love to meet you if you. But if you're not able to make it this year, listen in live at or