Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Watching The Fray "Make" It

Have you ever been present at the moment when someone "made" it? I'm talking about that moment when the lifelong dream someone had planned and practiced for finally became a reality.

Friday night, Holly and I went to see the Fray at Red Rocks. The Fray is one of our favorite bands.

But that's not the cool part. You see, the members of the band grew up in Denver. I can't imagine how many times they saw shows at Red Rocks dreaming of the day they might sell out a show there. Red Rocks is the ultimate venue in the Rockies. Every band you can imagine has had a headline show at this mile-high amphitheater cut out of the rocks.

The concert was incredible. They played many of their new tracks from "Scars and Stories" that released early this year. They also played an acoustic set with the well-known melodies that the crowd sang along with.

But the coolest part of the night was seeing The Fray soak up a night they grew up dreaming of.

While they've been famous for a few years, on Friday, May 11 they "made" it. They were headlining Red Rocks. And they were grateful.

In the crowd were early record producers, fans that had been with them since Day 1, and newer fans from their more popular days. It was the culmination of a dream fulfilled. And it was beautiful. It was touching. It was powerful.

Rarely do you get to experience something like that. We live in a world of broken dreams, failed relationships, and experiences that do not live up to the hype.

But it was obvious, that The Fray was soaking it all in on Friday night.

I don't care who it is or what event you're talking about. Every chance I get, I want to be there when people "make" it.

Because when people "make" it, you realize that your dreams are within reach. You realize that the impossible really is possible. You realize that your dream isn't as far away as you might imagine.

And that's worth much more than the price of admission.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Pepperdine Bible Lectures

Well, I've got the whole family here in Malibu, CA for the annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures. It is a week filled with beautiful views, powerful lectures and classes, and reconnecting with friends and family.

The theme this year is "Living Between the Times" from Romans 5-8. After 30 years of directing the lectures, Jerry Rushford is passing the baton of leadership off to Mike Cope. It will be an incredible experience. I can't wait to hear Jerry's last message!

On Wednesday at 2 PM, Holly and I are teaching a class on our "Intentional Life" Experiment with our kids. If you're a Children's Minister, Youth Minister, parent, grandparent, or any other human, you should come and listen in. We'll be talking about how to intentionally form your kids spiritually. Hope to see you there!