Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My First Sunday

Sorry for the delay in posting, but my first couple of weeks at church have been a whirlwind. I am busy with many good things, but busy nonetheless. I'm going to have to learn a new word over the next year or so. "No" is not currently in my vocabulary. I'm a people pleaser, but in order to keep my priorities straight with my sweet wife, Holly, I'm going to have to learn to say "no" at times.

Sunday was incredible! The congregation stood in applause on Sunday for Mike Myers's incredible 35 years of ministry at Littleton. Mike and Carol are already such a blessing in our lives. I will be blessed by our relationship for years to come. The elders also prayed over Holly and I in our new ministry. To have a man like Charles Roberts ask God's blessing over us was a great joy on my first Sunday!

Sunday night was also a great time of fellowship and ice cream. Several people from the congregation gathered to celebrate Mike's many years and my entrance into the body of Christ at Littleton.

For those who were not there, the sermon went very well! I had so many people praying for me in Littleton, Dallas, and across the country. Thanks for the prayers offered on my behalf! I felt such a great peace and the people were so gracious in their response.

The daily grind of ministry is already upon me. And the I already feel the tyranny of preaching, that is that Sunday comes once a week. But God is faithful and he will continue to supply the words that he wants spoken. So, I will listen and wait on him to prick my heart with his desires for this congregation.

Holly and I are so blessed! Keep up the prayers!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Crouched At the Starting Line

Holly and I are now officially residents of Colorado. On Tuesday, we loaded up our 26-foot Penske truck with all of our belongings and set out west for Littleton. It is such a strange feeling to know that all of your belongings are behind you inside of a single truck. Not only did we move our things this week, but we also picked up and moved our lives, which is perhaps a bigger revelation.

Though there were a few bumps along the way, we rolled into Littleton on Wednesday evening with the promise that there would be several people at the apartment on Thursday to help us move into our 3rd floor apartment. Sure enough, we had more than 10 incredible guys who moved all of our "stuff" into our apartment in under an hour. We were completely floored by the help we received!! It was an incredible blessing to meet and sweat with these men who we will share our lives with in the coming years.

We are getting to the point of being settled this weekend. It is so exciting to think about how God will use us to bless the people of LCC and how we will receive similar blessings as well. I could not imagine moving away from our families if it were not for our new family at LCC! We already feel like we have people who we can call on for anything we might need and we can foresee so many wonderful relationships that will bloom in the coming months.

What an exciting time! While we have moved beyond our comfort zone, God uses our discomforts, weaknesses, and needs to show his incredible blessings and mercy. We cannot wait to see what God is about to do in our lives and in the lives of those in this area. We sense so much excitement within the church and it is impossible to share how excited and confident I am that God will pour out his incredible blessings in the coming days. It is a great feeling to know that Holly and I are in the center of God's will.

Soon the anticipation will end, the first sermon will be preached, and our journey with LCC will begin. But for now, I stand at the starting line with a great cloud of witnesses surrounding me. To use an Olympic image, the starting blocks are set and the gun is about to go off. I've trained for this moment in every way I could conceive possible, but I have yet to run the race. (By the way, the air is a bit thin up here, I hope I'm in shape for it?) It's time to start running.

Please pray, pray, and pray some more for us, LCC, and God's kingdom in Littleton. And when you're finished praying, pray some more! My prayer is that God's kingdom would come in strong measure on the hill overlooking the city of Littleton. God, by your power, do more than we can ask or imagine. May your name be glorified in all that we do!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

It's That Time of the Year Again...

It's the 4th of July, which means...we are hours away from Nathan's International July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest! Set your TiVos and DVRs to ESPN at 12 PM EST if you cannot watch live. This incredible Fourth of July tradition occurs each year in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

For newcomers to competitive eating, last year was a contest for the ages. Six-time defending champion Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi lost his crown to a relative newcomer, Joey Chestnut, who won by devouring a world-breaking record 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes. What an upset! Last year, ESPN proclaimed Chestnut's victory as "The Greatest Moment in American Sports History!" If it's not the top moment, it has to come in the top 1,000 moments (I hope you all sense my tongue-in-cheek).

My money's on Kobayashi. He doesn't falter when a challenge is thrown his way.

Enjoy the break you have today. I'm spending time with my family and my hope is that everyone enjoys their time with their friends and family as well.