Monday, August 22, 2005

Back To School

I am of a rare breed today. I am a senior college student excited to get back to school. Sure, there are many who look forward to getting back to see friends and that is exciting. But many seniors at ACU started today with a fear of today.

There are several reasons why a normal senior might be frightened with their last first day of school.

First, in the marriage factory called ACU, many are without the mates they came to school in order to find. I, however, have found the perfect mate and love every minute of my time with her. Thanks again Holly!

Second, many fear leaving school. That may sound silly at first, but it is true. It sounds great to get out of a situation that has hassled you for 16 years of your life. No more homework. No more getting ready for the future. The future is here and in your face. But at a closer glance, many seniors dread that step into the unknown mostly because it is.....the unknown. However, I have delayed this fear by committing to three more years of grad school. Even more incredibly, I have a wife who not only secured fear number one, but is going to help me get through grad school by getting a job. Thanks again Holly!

Third, most college seniors love the college environment and friendships but despise school. However, I once again am an anomaly. I love school and learning and dreaming about the church. Grad school is a bit exciting and scary but this semester is exciting.

Fourth, many college seniors have no idea what they want to do in life still after three years of preparing for something. I believe God has called me to the ministry of preaching. I pray that God will use me to help churches engage the world in dynamic ways in the future. It is all so exciting.

I am a rare breed. You may thank I'm strange. But I'm happy to be a college senior today in my last first day of undergraduate schooling. Back to school!

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