Friday, August 05, 2005

Asking For Prayer

Today I am doing my first funeral. It's not the most fun one. No one minds doing the funeral of a great man or woman of God who has lived a full life of faith with a great expectation of heaven. That's somewhat easy, but God had other plans for my first and I need your prayers.

I am doing the funeral of a 9-day old baby today. Christian's parents are unmarried and unchurched and they are hurting. What do you say to a family who doesn't know about the hope of eternity? What makes them feel better? How can I help?

As I went over to their apartment earlier this week, it was tough. Here I am, a 21-year old minister without kids trying to comfort a family who has seen things I have rarely even thought about. Yet in this scary situation, God was faithful. People were praying for me and God gave me that peace that passes all understanding. I am pretty arrogant to think I can do many things, but this time I knew I had no business being there. It humbles you to know you are doing something you otherwise couldn't do without God. The young couple expressed a desire to make their spiritual life more of a priority after this. I was blown away. I was expecting questions about why God would do this, but instead they said, with a faith most churched people don't have, "I think God is trying to focus our priorities. We want to go to your church this Sunday." I'm pretty sure the Holy Spirit was working on this one way before I came to the doorstep.

Please pray for this family and for me. The service is at one o'clock this afternoon. God will be faithful.

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