Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Love Preaching

I love preaching. My love of sports goes back farther than my love of preaching, but my love for preaching is growing. There are many today who are insisting that the power of preaching is diminishing. With so many words out there in the world, some claim that the power of the spoken word is losing its significance.

But I am part of a group that believes that preaching is still so important. I believe there is great power in the spoken word. Any time God's Word is proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit, there is great opportunity for incredible things to happen. People are still being changed.

However, the competition is much greater today. WIth the invention of the iPod and podcasts, the best preachers from around the country are now available and contained in iPods across the country. There have always been incredible preachers, but now more than ever, those preachers are available to the masses across the world. It's a wonderful and scary thing all at the same time.

I have my favorite preachers. I have my favorites from previous generations including David Fleer and Rick Atchley among others. David has a unique way with words and images that I could only hope to one day touch. His introductions at Preaching Conferences are written with more flourish than sermons I spend an entire week on. And Rick is a prophet who speaks the truth despite the consequences. He is certainly a man of God. Mike Cope, Lynn Anderson, and Jerry Taylor also have a special place in my heart.

And I have my favorites who fill the speakers of my car each week from those who are a bit older. I'm grateful for Chris Seidman, Tim Spivey, Dan Bouchelle, Wade Hodges, and others who excite me about the ways our generation will follow in their footsteps.

And I am excited by the men who are my age who are just starting to speak the truth in exciting ways. Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment are two who come to mind. I can't wait to get their podcasts and listen each week. They make me want to be a better preacher.

And I have also been blessed by several outside of our movement who help me think in creative ways about my preaching. Rob Bell uses more Hebrew in each sermon than I could ever use in my preaching career. You have to be amazed by preachers who plant a church with a series out of Leviticus. I also think a lot of Erwin McManus and the Mosaic Church in Los Angeles. Their church is on the cutting edge in their belief that creativity is a natural result of spirituality. Holly and I were blessed to be able to go to his church while we were in California earlier this year.

So, who are your favorite preachers? What do you appreciate most about good preaching?



Gus said...

Good preaching is more about courage and truth than style ... and I've heard a lot of both recently from the Littleton pulpit. Thanks Collin!

Anonymous said...

Greg Boyd from Woodland Hills Church (St. Paul, MN) and Matt Chandler at The Village (Farmer's Branch, TX)

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Collin, just found your site. I go to Richland Hills so I'm blessed to hear Rick Atchley every week so he's certainly at the top of my list.

I enjoy Seidman, Mitch Wilburn and my new favorite, Dudley Rutherford from California. He spoke at our church a few weekends ago and I loved it. http://dudleyrutherford.blogspot.com/


TWS said...

Of the CofC, I'm an Atchley/Cope/Fleer guy. Out of the CofC, I've got tons...

The most hurtful thing about what you said was not including me in your generation... Wade those guys are much older than me...like 2 years :)