Monday, November 24, 2008

A Baby On The Way

According to Holly, my blog is always too serious and theological. Well, I thought I would take a break from the deep subjects of life and work in order to write a personal blog. One that should be worth your while.

If you have not already heard, Holly and I announced last night at Journey that we are expecting our first child. We are so excited to have received this news! At this point, Holly is about 9 weeks along. So, we will be looking forward to this change of life around the middle of summer. (At least we're in Colorado rather than Texas. 90 degrees seems more bearable than 100.)

We would ask for your prayers during this transition in our lives. Prayers for the safety of Holly and our little one. Prayers for us as we prepare ourselves to be parents, and most of all, prayers for the day that the child growing inside of Holly's womb will one day confess Jesus Christ as Lord. More info to come!



Dick and Peg Bolz said...

Our God is great! As He knits this baby together may you, Collin and Holly, pray not only for the health and spiritual future of your child but the health and spiritual future of your child's future mate.

Ben said...

Congrats, dude! Blessings to you, Holly, and the fetus!

Ray Hardin said...

I heard the news in a meeting at HO this afternoon. Hearty congrats and continued best wishes.

Eric & Sarah said...

Woohooo!! We're so excited for you guys! You'll definitely be in our thoughts and prayers in the weeks and months ahead. You guys are definitely gonna make great parents!

Miss y'all!