Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Trinity

Yesterday in Church History we discussed the topic of heresies and the Trinity. Today in Systematic Theology we are discussing the Trinity. I don't have any idea what the Trinity is after reading page after page. Sure, I know the church answer. We believe in the Trinity. That's easy enough to say, but what does it really mean to belive in the Trinity and how does that affect our lives as Christians? Does it really matter?

It's easy to throw out easy analogies to help us understand it. Several of these have been easy ways to understand heresies. For example, the Trinity is like an egg. There are three parts: the yolk, the egg white, and the shell. We tend to use these analogies to help us understand the incomprehensible, but this example only explains a heresy of the early church. I know some of this is important. I realize that theology shapes our worldview and every church needs a trained theologian to help get through its tough times and questions, but it's easy to say it doesn't matter that much.

I'm struggling and the Trinity will not be the end of my struggle. Theology is difficult mostly because no one knows the right answer. Let me end with this statement. I'm struggling to figure out these matters, but I continue in this quest because I hear that it does matter.

If anyone else out there can sympathize with me. Help me out. Or if you have an answer for the Trinity let me know. Until then, let us live in the faith of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who was fully divine and fully human and who has given us eternal life. That sounds good but what does it really mean? Wow, I really am confused!

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