Wednesday, June 15, 2005

After reading the blogs of Mike Cope and others in the preaching community, I thought what could be a better way of journaling and conversing about God's work in the world than to publish my thoughts on the internet. It's a bit scary at first to think anyone can access my private thoughts and dreams, but as a young man feeling called to the pulpit this must become natural.

I am happily married to my wife, Holly, for almost a year. She is a spiritual champ and the love of my life. I have a brother and two parents and life is good. This summer I am interning at the First Colony Church of Christ in Houston as an adult and college ministry intern.

As a student at ACU, I have grown to understand more of what it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. The local church is still God's hands and feet in this world, though now I see after several years of college that it does not fully encompass his kingdom. As I read missional literature and begin to pray and dream about how God will use me to bring the good news to a church someday, I realize that mission is what we are called to. It is not just a program in the church. It is the lifeblood. It is God's purpose for us in the world. I am excited about the future of the church and hope that this forum is a chance to dream and pray with others in churches and in the world. May God bless the future of this blog through whatever means he chooses.

Welcome to the inner thoughts of Collin Packer.

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