Sunday, March 02, 2014

Happy 100th Al!

Today at church, we got to celebrate the 100th Birthday of one of our members, Al Chesser.
Al is an incredible man. He's one of those guys who tells you a story and you automatically believe it was true no matter how absurd it would be for a common person. In the words of one of our shepherds this morning, "With all due respect to the Dos Equis guy, Al is the most interesting man I have ever known."

Al was the President of the United Transportation Union. If you've ridden on Amtrak, you can thank Al Chesser for its presence in our world today. He knew every president from Harry Truman to Jimmy Carter. Lyndon Johnson was one of his good friends. He rode on Air Force One, batted against Satchel Paige, and was born before World War I began.

Just incredible!

I got the honor of attending Al's 100th birthday party Saturday evening.
And today, I got to interview Al during a celebration at church. He is one of the most optimistic and positive human beings I have ever met. His faith earned him the respect of Christians and non-Christians alike.

And perhaps most impressively, Al just renewed his driver's license through the age of 104.

Al, thank you for a life well lived!

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Mimi said...

Celebrating this remarkable man is something I will never forget. He has the powerful combination of integrity, good sense, humor, love for people, and determination all wrapped up with an ability to make every single person feel valued. It is a combination destined for success. He motivates, encourages, leads, and keeps his driving passion of loving God and loving people. What an inspiration! ~ Sara Sykora