Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 Years in Denver

As of this week, Holly and I have lived in Denver for 5 years.

We've done a lot of growing up in this city. Both of our kids were born here. We bought our first house here. It's the first city I was called to minister in.

I love Denver. From concerts at Red Rocks to perfect evenings at Coors Field to short drives to the ski slopes, what's not to love about Denver?

Denver is one of a kind. Denver is beautiful, quirky, independent, and beats with a vibrancy. We find ourselves in a state like shaped a box whose people refuse to stay inside the box.

God loves Denver. And far too few people return that love. We live in a state with more reminders of God's beauty than any other, and yet we fail to give him the glory for what he has given to us.

May God continue to shape my heart for this city. May our churches learn to love this city.

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