Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Winterfest Spiritual Discipline Videos

Over a decade ago, I remember attending my first Winterfest youth rally.

Growing up in San Diego, I was in a youth group of about 10 students. But when we moved to Dallas, my family started attending the Highland Oaks Church of Christ. And there were over a hundred kids that  were a part of my youth group. It was quite a shift.

But my paradigm was blown open the first time I attended Winterfest in Arlington, TX (they also have a larger gathering in Gatlinburg, TN). There were thousands of teens who showed up to listen to speakers and worship their hearts out. It gave me a vision of the kingdom larger than the tiny circles I usually found myself in.

Just this past year, things came full circle as Dudley Chancey, the Director of Winterfest, invited me to film a few videos on the spiritual disciplines that would be sent to youth leaders and teens as they sought to follow God after going home from the conference.

Here are those 3 videos.

Click here to check out the rest of the spiritual discipline videos put together by Winterfest.



Troy Ellison said...

Collin, thanks for these reminders. It's very easy these days to forget basic disciplines.

Diane said...

Good stuff.... thank you Collin.