Saturday, December 04, 2010

Day Before the Marathon

Well, it's less than 24 hours before the marathon. I can't believe it's here.

I vividly remember stepping on the track at Rock Canyon High School the first week of this year and running one mile. One mile was all I could muster. My lungs hurt! More than anything my ego was hurt. Although, I was in the Mile High city, so my bruised ego was less hurt than it would've been at sea level. Whether that made any effect, I made the excuse anyway. I truly couldn't imagine running 26.2 miles. It was a dream that likely wouldn't come true.

I don't really have a runner's body. I know that might surprise you based on my chiseled physique, but it's true. Though I was athletic, I was the kid with the worst flexibility and the lower mile times in elementary school and junior high. Teachers said I was blessed with brains, but it was probably just to ensure I never pursued a career in athletics.

But here I am the day before the race and I actually feel prepared. So many things could go wrong tomorrow. My injury to my right IT band worries me. The vision in my head of me crossing the finish line looks more like a fatigued Olympian more than a maimed rabbit hobbling to the finish. All kinds of things could go wrong tomorrow. I've rarely cramped in my training, but that could be the situation tomorrow. Who knows? It's not worth worrying about really.

But I must say I'm excited. I'll drink lots of water today and consume many carbohydrates, but most of all I'll enjoy the fact that I have done everything I could to train well for this event. I can actually say "I'm ready" just as I could say in the next sentence, "I'm not sure if I've prepared enough."

Sounds like a story a preacher could use in a sermon. But don't go stealing my story...I've copyrighted this one with my own sweat.

I'll update you soon on the race!



Anonymous said...

Go, Collin, Go!
Mark Edge

Dick and Peg Bolz said...


We are praying for a safe (and complete) race. "When I run I can feel His pleasure". Run with (and for) The Father.

Dick and Peg