Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Maddox Austin Packer

I've been waiting to post about the birth of our son because I had an idea about a post I wanted to do for Maddox. But in typical Blogger Collin fashion I've procrastinated and come up with a better idea to hide my procrastination.

Instead of my original brilliant idea, I'm going to write an even more brilliant series of blog posts in the coming weeks in honor of my dear son. These posts are intended to orient him to this broken world and to prompt him toward God's healing kingdom that continues to blossom. While he might not be able to read these posts yet (he's pretty smart so we'll see), I hope these will be posts he can refer back to when he grows up.

I will preach an abbreviated series at Littleton in the next two weeks that will cover some of the content in these blog posts entitled "Finding God in the Delivery Room." My first sermon will focus on the the things the church can learn from our hospital experience. The second sermon will be a sermon directed to Maddox prompting him toward a radical kingdom lifestyle. That sermon will often be very helpful for Littleton to overhear as we seek to become a church that lives as salt and light in our culture. It should be good stuff!

So, let me end post one in the series with the stats. Maddox Austin Packer was born Monday, June 29th at 7:59 PM. He was 8 lbs. 8 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long.

But more than that he's the perfect gift of God that has been given to us for a time. Father, Holly and I commit to raising him in a Christian home. And we long for the day when we will hear the confession "Jesus is Lord" in the baptistry with him. Thank you for this gift!



Mark said...

Great to hear man! What awesome news! May God bless you three as your family seeks after him.

Jonathan Storment said...

Hey Colin, found your blog through Luke Norsworthy's site. Congratulations brother on the new addition to the Packer family. See you in October!

Lauren said...


I have a strong feeling that you and Holly will do a fantastic job as Maddox's parents. Remember, the Lord will stand in the gaps when you feel your weaknesses come through. Maddox is so precious and I believe the Lord has chosen well the two people He desires to help shape, define, and mold Maddox's spirit. Blessings to you friend as you begin this journey :)

Dick Bolz said...

Can't wait to experience the sermons.

Anonymous said...

Yipeeeee!!!!!! Atta boy!!!

Lelo and Stitch said...

I totally look forward to hearing the sermons and reading the blog posts.

Matthew said...

Cool stuff. Hey the class I am in is going great. Great insights into the missional church, if you want I have a ton of stuff to share with you after it is done, besides it is your turn to buy lunch.

Ben Ries said...

What the hell, Collin? Why don't you post more regularly? Everyday I check out your blog to see if you've posted anything only to discover that yet another day has passed. I need you and your posts, my friend. Please stop holding out. You should get an official "Days since Collin has posted a blog" counter. At least that would give me something new to look at every day.

Disappointed and frustrated,

Anonymous said...

Excited to read what's coming!