Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tribute to Prentice Meador

Prentice Meador was one of the most influential mentors in my life. My first preaching internship was under Prentice in the summer of 2003. Prentice not only showed me how to preach well, he tutored me in the way of Christ. And he was the first person to tell me that I had what it took to be a preacher. His encouragement and advice marked the path that I am still continuing down. And many people don't know that he is one of the biggest reasons I ended up at the Littleton Church of Christ.

Prentice passed away last year unexpectedly on November 21st at 70 years old. His unexpected passing was felt by so many people throughout the world. I was grateful to be able to express my appreciation to him during the Lipscomb Conference on Preaching last October. While many miss him, we are grateful for his life and the impact he had on so many of us.

I am excited to announce that, under the vision and leadership of Bob Chisholm (Prentice's long time friend and co-worker), there is going to be an upcoming book of sermons on the Psalms produced in tribute to Prentice. Psalms was one of Prentice's favorite books and he taught his last college class on the Psalms as well.

The book, currently untitled, will be published by Leafwood and released in October at the Lipscomb Conference on Preaching. The proceeds from this rich resource will go to fund a Christian scholarship in Prentice's name at Lipscomb University. Bob Chisholm and Dave Bland will write an introduction to the book and Randy Lowry, the President of Lipscomb, will write the forward.

Here is a list of preachers who will have sermons in the book:

Lynn Anderson – Psalm 23
Rick Atchley – Psalm 103
Bob Chisholm – Psalm 115
Mike Cope – Psalm 137
Jennings Davis – Psalm 112
Ken Durham – Psalm 126
Harold Hazelip – Psalm 90
Gary Holloway – Psalm 142
Tom Jones – Psalm 51
Jim Martin – Psalm 73
Royce Money – Psalm 71
Collin Packer – Psalm 32
Jack Reese – Psalm 89
David Rubio – Psalm 13
Scott Sager – Psalm 22
Landon Saunders – Psalm 27
Chris Seidman – Psalm 63
Tim Spivey – Psalm 122
John York – Psalm 34

I am so honored to be a part of this project. It will be a great resource for preachers and a great tribute to the legacy of Prentice Meador.


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Katy said...

That is so great about the book - what an honor to be included! Prentice called me when I got here and encouraged me to be in the Psalms and learn from David as he went through his struggles. I miss him dearly.