Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Becoming A Church of Christ

I love Churches of Christ. I am a ninth generation member of the Restoration Movement. If I didn't love our movement, I wouldn't have become a minister in Churches of Christ.

However, we also have a checkered past and a poor reputation in many areas. Our arrogant "We are the only ones going to heaven" attitude has surely turned people off in the past. Our movement was never intended to become such a sectarian movement. We began seeking to be "Christians only and not the only Christians."

I want to see us thrive again! I want people to know Churches of Christ as a group of churches that loves God and loves others. I enter ministry in this movement in order to transform our reputation, but more than that, to further the name of Jesus Christ above all other names.

This past Sunday, I challenged Littleton to become a Church of Christ. In other words, to become Christ's church. We represent Jesus in every moment of our lives. And if we are going to leave Christ's name as the center of our name as a movement, we must be willing for him to lead our church in every way. The sign claims it's his church, but often we try to make it our church.

We are always becoming a Church of Christ. We are on a journey, and until Christ comes again, we will always be in the process of becoming his church. Live into the name on our sign. Ask God to transform you into the image of his Son.


lars shalom said...

i love you for loving god

N8lol said...

Hey buddy I am really excited about your being where you are at. I am planning on coming to visit you and Holly. We definitely need to talk when you get to A-Town. Later bro.

E Hurst said...

Hey friend. We're so proud of what you're doing in Littleton. God is truly working through you and I can't wait to see all the good that happens because you're open to His call! Keep preaching the word. You're doing great!!

Love you guys!