Friday, February 24, 2006


My favorite time of year has come and gone. Lectureship at ACU. Most students cringe at the thought of parking being hectic because of a crowded campus, but I can't think of a better time in the four years I have been in Abilene. I love the classes, lectures and most of all time with my family.

This year, ACU focused on unity with Christian churches and the theme was the Gospel of John. It is amazing to think that we have no idea who our Christian Church brothers are because we have been divided for so long. We have similar theology and are conservative on the grand scheme of theological standing, but musical instruments have divided us mostly. It's crazy to think that such a puny matter in Scripture has divided us and kept us from being faithful to the greater doctrine of unity. There is much to be done not just with these brothers, but with all who hold up Christ as their Lord.

I was blown away by several lectures. David Fleer's sticks out to me. What an innovative, inductive preacher. David brought everyone into the text by describing a slideshow of his text. I felt like I had entered the Biblical world in a new and fresh way. What if every Sunday we read and preached in a way that made people enter the text in transforming ways? He truly has a gift that he gives to the students at Rochester. These sermons excite me again about the future and how God will use me as a voice for him. I can't wait for all of the sermons that will be written. God continue to work on me so that I am mastered by the text you have given.

All in all, it was a great week. My favorite week of the year. I only wish I could make it to Pepperdine and Tulsa yearly. Maybe in the future.

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